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Started looking this up on Wednesday May 13th, because "7 days incidence above 500 per million population".
The districts below are manually selected = when you read this, other districts might have already overtaken them.

BUT: All the included images themselves, however, are regenerated every night = so they are probably up-to-date.

High relative numbers (i.e. divided by population)

High incidence in the past 7 days (looked up, and ranked on July 28th 2020 )
at least 200 cases per week per million people:

High 14-days-incidence (if not already mentioned above):
at least 300 cases per 2-weeks per million people:

Not so much in the past weeks (but had been much before).
If you want to study past outbreak hotspots, some of these might be interesting for you to look at, roughly chronological:

High absolute numbers (i.e. number of cases in 7 days, regardless of size of district)

ONLY those which are not already mentioned in above list ... BUT had more than 42 cases within 7 days, once recently. Not updated as often (last sorted: 28/7/2020):

not so many recently, but had many a while ago

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